Monday, October 15, 2007

Closer and closer to the top of the tapestry! About 2 square feet total remaining. Several meetings and other things are happening during the week so won't have as much time as I hoped but I still am shooting for the 20th as completion day.


  1. Tommye, I've just discovered your blog, thanks to a link from someone else. Your blog is as beautiful as your weaving, and your weaving is gorgeous. I do miss being in Atlanta and feel quite exiled here in South Carolina! Peg Carpenter

  2. Tommye, I don't have an email addy for you. I am in Florence, SC. I do love your tapestries. I have watched them get better and better over the years. About every 3 years I get out my tapestry loom and play just a bit, but it always prove that my real love is in the interaction of weft and warp.