Monday, May 21, 2007

I haven't progressed much more into the black walnut tapestry but hope to spend more time with it this week. I'm posting a photo of the current progress. I also will work on a couple of small landscapes this week, setting those up on the copper pipe loom. I'll visit a gallery manager in a few weeks so want to have several smaller pieces finished by then to see if she'd want to carry them in the gallery.


  1. Hi Tommye!
    I love this photo, it really depicts the look of a work in progress & a unique angle on the loom & cartoons. But, I'm curious, it looks like you're weaving on a different loom than what you wove the Roots tapestry on. In fact, it looks quite a bit like my Tissart loom! I was noticing & admiring how you've arranged your cartoon, which is something I'm still not quite satisfied with on my own loom. I also am curious about the paper the cartoon is on-- can you tell me about it?


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