Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hi Lyn and Pat (and maybe Di and Peggy),
I've just posted the latest photos of the black walnut tapestry that's underway now. I'm weaving 3-4 hours a day over most of the days of the past week, although some "life" interruptions happened, of course. Now that the university class is finished for the semester I hope to spend most of the weekdays in the studio. I haven't measured the height of the weaving at this point but have rolled the tie-on rod onto the cloth beam--that usually means I'm about 8-10" into the tapestry.

"Southern Yarns," the Tapestry Weavers South exhibit at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC ends this weekend and I'll be going back for final demonstration days on Sat. and Sun. The Guild hosts a Fiber Day on May 12 and there will be demonstrations of various fiber arts all over the building on Saturday. I'm wondering about setting up a loom that children can weave on but am not sure yet if I have time to do so. I'll decide tomorrow, I guess.

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