Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hi Lyn!
I think Tissart looms are great looms...just modify them for one's own needs. Pat Williams has one that's older than mine--the look of the frame is a bit different. Might be like yours, perhaps?

I got mine from an older lady in Atlanta as she moved to an assisted living situation back in 1988. She'd had it a number of years, having purchased it at the Mannings. For some reason, I like to know the history of my looms...just curious about who they've lived with over their working life.

I really am glad I had the steel beam added at the top. How wide is your loom? Mine is only 45" wide but I had two more treadle sets added to each side of the loom...from LeClerc. Since I'm building shapes and sometimes sitting at one side or the other for a period of time it was uncomfortable to stretch my leg to the middle to change the shed. Plus, just sort of "walking" up and down on the two treadles with each foot is how I prefer to change the shed anyway. I don't even open the shed very much with the treadles--just enough for my fingers to feel the space as I reach up. Of course, when weaving across a short distance I usually just pick the shed and don't fool with the treadles anyway. And, I've started thinking how I can possibly add leashes to the Tissart so I could use a dowel for the open shed and then have the leash shed available. I'm sure there's a simple way to do that but I haven't thought it through yet.

Thanks again for your comments!

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  1. Tommye!!!

    You have just answered a HUGE dilemma I've been having with my Tissart!!!! Can you please email me info about adding extra treadles so we don't clog up your blog? I also like to treadle while weaving, but was having problems with the ergonomics as you described (especially since I have fibromyalgia, mostly affecting my hips & sciatic nerve area) just in weaving 16" wide. I love my loom & have wanted to weave wider, but just wasn't sure how I could stand it with only center treadles, so I was feeling pretty bummed out about the loom. I can't wait to find out how to add them!!!!

    And, thank you for your comment on my blog... I have worked my way up through some very menial jobs in my life time. Didn't get my nursing degree until I was 35. I have always treated everyone with respect, no matter the color of his or her "collar", unless they did something to deserve otherwise. I have had much success in my work situations because of my approach & I now find I can talk & relate to just about everyone!