Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great! I'm glad you took a look and had wonderful comments...I appreciate your taking time to do so. Yes, the yarn from Noel is what I use almost exclusively. In the black walnut piece I'm using a combination of Vevgarn and a thin worsted that she imports, called "Mailiss" in her catalog. The black walnut piece is set at 8 epi of 30/18 cotton seine twine from Laura Shannock and I'm using Vevgarn (1) with Mailiss (2) for my color blends (mostly). I'm also using in a few colors Vevgarn (1), Mailiss (1), and Victorian tapestry wool (2)...pretty much equals in size either 2 Vevgarn or the 1 Vevgarn & 2 Mailiss. So I'm able to get nice variations of color.

I haven't dyed in many years but am interested in doing dyeing again by maybe late summer or early fall. I have a friend who does quite a lot of natural dyeing--she's taken a workshop with Michelle Wipplinger at Harrisville and is trying to have her here in north Georgia for another advanced workshop. My last experiences with dyeing were with wool and using Lanaset or Telana dyes. I have extensive samples and formulas for resulting colors so feel I could begin to dye again pretty readily...just need pots to dye in (plus fresh dyes and chemicals, etc.)

I'll post an image of the black walnut piece underway in a day or so.

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  1. How interesting to read about your weft blends, Tommye. I have been discovering that to get the effects I have sought in a few of my tapestries I have had to use weft blends, which I have enjoyed. My warps so far have been 12/6 cotton seine & my epi is usually 9-10... I have some 30/6 cotton seine and haven't used it yet, but think I should give it a try as it may make it easier to use weft bundles with the sett I like.

    I cannot wait to see more of Black Walnut as it progresses. The photos you posted on the tapestry e-list remind me of botanical drawings, which I've always loved.