Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Black walnut tapestry is moving along well. I'm using vertical twining in some of the leaves--as shown in Kathe Todd-Hooker's book, Line in Tapestry, and I'm liking the effect quite a bit. It's much faster than wrapping and stitching a single warp thread, is done (in my case) after two passes, and it seems to have a more graceful flow than wrapping up a warp. Of course, it looks more like a running stitch than a woven bead but so far I find it looks ok. In fact, I'm thinking it might be interesting to use the method throughout a whole piece, one based on a line drawing. I may set up one of the small frame looms to give that a try.

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  1. Hi Tommye!!!

    Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog!
    I love everything you have in it... the class photos are good, & your description of your weaving processes are so interesting to read. Especially the trees you have been weaving-- your Roots piece is so inpsiring to me because I have planned to weave a tapestry of a close up view of a cholla cactus skeleton, which will be a monochrome of greys.
    I was also happy to discover the pictures of Noel, so I now have a face to put with her name. I love the wool from Norsk Fjord, as far as wool goes I use it and my own natural dyed almost exclusively.
    I cannot wait to see a photo of your Black Walnut & I will enjoy reading your future posts!