Saturday, April 21, 2007

The black walnut tapestry is now underway. I began weaving the hem on Tuesday and the actual beginning of the tapestry on Thursday. I finally "saw" the pattern in the bark of the tree yesterday morning as I walked to the studio. And, when I looked again at photos of the tree I'd taken I could see the almost ogee shape that the grooves of the bark formed. I made some suggested lines on the back of the mylar cartoon and am using those as rough guides for the bark area of the design. I'm not far enough into the area to see if it's working but hope to know by the end of the weekend.

Festival weekend in Dahlonega so I'll be in and out of the studio. I'll be spending some time with the Appalachian Studies Center booth on the square--and I'll also be strolling around finding things to buy!

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