Friday, March 7, 2014

Stones are developing

This latest tapestry is growing very slowly.  But I've finally gotten to points where I'm beginning to change the value from the light neutral blend to medium and darker values.  Now it becomes more interesting to me--and also more challenging.  I'm using the painting as the basis for the weaving but  I'm not trying to copy it exactly.  So I'm making many decisions as I move along about value and color blends.  Hence, the slow growth (along with not being at the loom most of the day yesterday since I made a trip into Atlanta, then Roswell, then back home... that slows the progress down, as well!)

Here's an area where some of the value changes are beginning:

And even closer view of an area so that the size of the warp (12/12 cotton seine twine*) and the four strands of the wool weft (Vevgarn) can be more easily seen:

If you notice some slightly visible marks on the warp, yes, I'm both marking on the warps a bit (using Rub-a-Dub™ marker) as well as having a cartoon behind the warps.  The cartoon is drawn onto mylar with Sharpie™marker and is stitched to the back of the tapestry every few inches or so.  I'm piecing mylar sheets together with packaging tape since I don't have sheets that are 60" wide.  One of my tasks in Roswell yesterday, in fact, was to pick up more mylar at the Dick Blick store there.  

*I made a post to my Tapestry Share blog awhile back with thoughts about warp sett.  Here's the link to that.

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