Sunday, March 16, 2014

Continuing Conversations -- exhibit at Barton College

Here's a selfie--Edwina Bringle, my weaving mentor/mom (on the left and me on the right) and I at the opening of the Continuing Conversations exhibit at Barton College.

Here's a shot of the gallery with visitors:

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  1. Isn't Edwina one of the Penland weavers? Didn't or doesn't she have a sister? Really pulling at my memory here, but she looks darn familiar from a book I think...

  2. Yes, Rebecca! Edwina Bringle is indeed totally associated with Penland! Her sister, Cynthia, is a potter and has her studio adjacent to the school property.

    Both Edwina and Cynthia have been important to Penland for many decades. Edwina was my first weaving teacher, in fact! I took a class with her at Penland in about 1975. I always think of her as my weaving guru, the one who taught me to try anything and see where it might take it. She's been (and continues to be) a wonderfully inspiring role model for anyone who takes her classes.