Friday, December 20, 2013


I wove the last of the fiddleheads today.  Sixteen of those pesky spirals!  The cartoon had seventeen but I decided a few inches back to eliminate one on the left side.  I thought it was too much the same height as another one near the left (the one I just finished) and I also wanted a bit of space in which to weave my initials I use as signature.  The cartoon still shows the fiddlehead peeking up... but I've been ignoring it for days.

The fiddlehead I completed today is on the same side as the first one I wove back in November and showed in this post from Nov. 16.  Here's what that side looks like now with the last one and the first one -- and a couple of buddies:

Those white stitches near the top are holding the cartoon in place... they're not part of the tapestry. 

There are several more areas of ferns to complete but the end is indeed near!  Will I still finish by Christmas?  Hmmm....

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  1. Fantastic growth of your weaving! Every inch counts. Great choices along the way!