Saturday, May 4, 2013

More wildflowers at Hambidge today

Showy Orchis among other things...

Wild Lily-of-the-Valley...


and this... don't know what it is but it was near the stream and under trees.

I also can't find this in the books I have with me here, and it's also by the stream although not in the same area as the ground covering leaves with tiny flowers above:

Here it is a bit closer:

And I started the morning with a nice visit with Mr. Big. He was having an outside constitutional today, not busy with office work as he was yesterday:

Home for a couple of days and then back here for another week. I'm eager to get back and I haven't even left!

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  1. OThe first picture is oconee bell. They're really rare according to my husband who checked to see what it was.
    The other is a shrub and is called red buckeye.
    Enjoy your time creating!!
    Carol Pritcher

  2. Thanks to you abd your husband, Carol! Another friend also sent an email to say the red flowering bush was buckeye--thanks for that, Joann!
    I hope to find many more beauties before leaving Hambidge.