Monday, May 6, 2013

A few views of Hambidge

This Center holds such beauty. Its location is in the extreme northeast corner of Georgia near the North Carolina state line, in the foothills of the Appalachians. The mountain region of north Georgia and Western North Carolina holds my heart--I was born in the region and have lived here most of my life. When I spend time at Hambidge my heart fills to almost overflowing when I wander around with no agenda other than to open my eyes and look at what surrounds me.

I'll share a few of the things I saw this morning when I came to the Rock House to get online. First, here's what I see at my left as I write this. I'm sitting in the dining room. By the way, the rag runner under the flowers on the table is one I wove for the dining room here a few years ago.

Here's the Rock House... it's where the residents share evening meals and where we have internet access.

A lovely winding stream flows from the spring-- here's the spring house:

And here's the stream tumbling along at the edge of the yard:

The old weaving building, appropriately called the Weave Shed, now houses a gallery and the main office:

There's a show up at the gallery right now called Fables of the Eco Future. I have a small piece included:

This is called "Remnant of Spring and Bee Flight" and is tapestry with machine stitching.

I have a loom with me now and will be trying a portion of the design I've been working on while here. My last day is next Sunday and I want to make the most of my remaining days. More later!

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  1. Tommye, Hambidge is a wonderful place! I actually began my natural dyeing journey there quite a few years ago. I enjoy seeing it through your eyes.