Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Second day at ATA workshop

Lots of photos, brief descriptions. Both workshops seem to be going well for all with good challenges all around. Questions, answers, new friends, old friends, time to focus, time to chat. What more could one want?

Yael described a couple of drawing exercises she wanted us to try--heavy rope was the subject and we were encouraged to first look at negative space, then to do a second drawing in which we drew the contours of the rope pieces. She demonstrated the idea on the white board.
Jean Pierre had invited us to bring tapestries to share and discuss with the class... here are a few of the ones done today:

And a few photos from Archie's class that's being held next door. They're being encouraged to think of the journey up the warp...

And ending today with a couple of photos of my work to this point... sketches, the collection of stuff on my table, and the tapestry sampling.

Tomorrow's session will end the workshop and we've still got quite a lot to do!

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