Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tapestry Diary -- Year Three is completed and Year Four is about to begin

With the 31st day of December, 2011, I've finished this year's tapestry diary work!

The process of making a distinct bit of weaving every day is one that I've done for three years and a month now.  My first venture into the idea came in May of 2008 when I did the first piece with this concept.  I didn't quite know what to even call it then... used the term "tapestry calendar" or "tapestry journal" and finally settled into "tapestry diary" as my description.

I'm happy to know that other people are using a similar idea.  Jan Austin's 2010 tapestry diary is quite a beautiful piece and she describes it at her blog here.

Here are a few of the blog postings I've made over the past three + years as I've been involved in the tapestry diary process:

During 2012 my plan is to go back to a single piece for the year rather than to do the separate pieces as I did during 2011.  I've been able to weave almost every day in 2011 but the separate pieces don't have the same visual impact as do the year-long tapestries that result from the daily practice.  At least that's what I think right now.  By 2013 perhaps I'll be ready to do individual pieces once more!

Here's a composite of the months of 2011 (missing March... can't find a photo of it and it's hanging in the Quinlan exhibit so can't photograph it right now).  The pieces are not shown to scale in the composite, by the way.  Sizes vary quite a bit and once I get them all back from the exhibit I'll measure and note sizes here.  For instance, the April piece is about 42" long x 3 or so" wide while the December piece is 7" high x 5" wide:

Earlier pieces are:

12" w x 42" long

12" w x 82" long

The warp for 2012 is on the Tissart loom at the home studio and is almost ready to begin tomorrow morning.  It's a 10/3 linen warp sett at 8 epi X 12" wide.  I have 3 yards on the loom, plenty for the year even if I weave several inches for the daily entries.  I'm not quite sure how to proceed with "theme" (if any)... but by tomorrow morning I'll have to decide something!  I have a bit more to do with spacing the warp and then doing half-hitches before beginning.  I'll do that shortly when I get home.

I wish a Happy New Year for all of you.  I hope your design ideas flow smoothly and your tapestries grow beautifully.  


  1. I love the concept of each month being different and I especially love May with the days. Beautiful work. I still love 2009's, looks like a lively city. Thanks for showing them again.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I'm just taking up your invitation to visit and I love this idea for a diary! I wonder whether other craftspeople have tried it with their techniques? I can see it working well for knitters too. How exciting to be starting 2012 with a new warp and all that possibility.