Friday, January 1, 2010

Tapestry diary for 2009--off the loom; next warp for 2010 underway

Here's the cutting off stage:

And here's the piece hanging up last night.  It's 12" wide x 42" long.

Lots of finishing to do since the back is absolutely hairy with ends!


  1. it is so interesting! like a landscape of buildings. There is a dark bench with a slanted seat to one side of you - I have one exactly like it! Do you know anything about it? When I bought mine it was suggested it was an organ bench?
    Happy Weaving in the new year. Evelyn

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    The bench is one I got at an antiques store about 10-12 years ago, maybe longer. I was also told it might have been an organ bench. It's been a great weaving bench! Interesting you've got one like it. I had another one, as well... also from an antiques store but a different store. I gave it to a student a few years back. Oh... paid not too much $$ for either of them--lots less than buying a "real" weaving bench!
    Happy weaving to you!

  3. I love how the 'year' looks like a bustling city of buildings. There must be a visual metaphor there somewhere!

    Congratulations on completing a project that required such persistence. It is very inspirational!

  4. Popping out of "lurkdom". I've been watching this project and am inspired to try my own "daily tapestry". A whole year with one set of rules at one go is rather daunting....I think I'll break the year down into quarters.

    Wove my first little block today!!

  5. What inspiration this is for me! It is beautiful, and it cries out to me that small bites of daily work make for a tremendous finished piece!

  6. Congratulations. It's a wonderful piece. I have yet to get my tapestry loom completely ready, but you are always such an inspiration! I imagine 2010 is already starting to grow on your loom...

  7. The skyline of an endless city. THAT is one stunning piece of art.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Congrats on finishing your 2009 Tapestry Diary. I am inspired to commit to marking the passing of 2010 by completing a small 6x6 inch weaving every month.
    Happy Weaving in 2010.