Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last month of the 2009 tapestry diary

It's hard to believe almost a year has passed since I began this adventure of weaving every day on a piece I've called my "tapestry diary" or "tapestry calendar" or "woven calendar."  It's certainly recorded my days of this year, even the days I've been out of town have been noted with the white bits I call "blanks."  As I'm approaching the end of December I'm wondering how to finish off with some indication of the year 2009.  I don't think I want to simply weave 2009.  I've thought about Roman numerals for the year--but don't like that particularly.  I've looked at other number notation systems on the web and haven't yet found anything that would make weaverly sense.  Any suggestions?

Now... for 2010.  I want to begin anew for the next year, this time on a frame loom that I can take with me when I go out of town.  I'll probably have more changes to make in my approach but will continue to use bits and pieces of weft bundles left over from other tapestries.  Maybe next year I won't mark each day with a notation of date, just weave a bit every day but keep each day's part distinct from the previous one in some way.

Other weaving is going on right now, just not much tapestry.  I always like to weave gifts for the holidays and I've spent the past two days getting the 4-shaft loom dressed and threaded for that.  I've learned a new method of warping (after being perfectly happy with the way I've done it for decades).  I read about a trapeze system on WeaveTech and did a make-shift version using my Brennan plumbing pipe loom.  I'll post photos of that later--pretty nifty way to warp!  I got a 4-yard warp on in less than an hour and without having to strain my iffy hands with popping and pinging and pulling to ensure the warp wound onto the beam evenly and with correct tension.  Lots to learn about all kinds of things in weaving--that's what continues to keep me interested (among other things).


  1. Have you considered using Braille alphabet dots on a building for windows, or 4 imaginary columns of little squares (2 vertical, space for 2 columns, then 9 vertical) on a building that is different from the others somehow, like a signature building?

  2. Lynn,
    Great suggestions! I hadn't yet considered Braille but will. Also will think about your suggestion of creating my own system.

  3. I was going to suggest a braille system too.
    My Dad uses a trapeze to warp his loom and is very happy with the results he gets winding on the warp.
    Lucky people getting handwoven gifts!

  4. Your time tapestry is such a cool idea! I love the way it looks like a colorful city. A friendly city!!

  5. wow, seems like only yesterday you were showing us January. It will be fun to see it unfurled. Great fun.

  6. I love your time tapestry Tommye. It seems kind of like journaling but with yarn. I can't wait to see what you come up with for 2010.

  7. You may have already decided, but I wondered about braille since you have used so many dots and slashes - or even Morse Code?
    It's a great tapestry!