Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hambidge Center residency--August through early September

I'm once more back at the Hambidge Center for a residency. My last time here was in 2009. This is an amazing place for many reasons but I won't try to describe most of those now. But I will talk a bit about my desire to be here.

First, there's space to work. I have a wonderful studio in Dahlonega and I go there every day. Yet sometimes there are things I'd like to do that I just don't have the place for--like make BIG paintings (big is a relative condition, I know... but big for me). So Hambidge can accommodate that desire.

Secondly, there's time to work. Yes, I have time at home but I often find tasks to do that keep me from focusing on the matters at hand--the "creative" matters, that is. The only obligation of one at Hambidge is to show up to have dinner with the other residents. That begins with appetizers at 6 and usually lasts until 8ish. Then the rest of the evening is at one's studio. Socializing is discouraged--unless mutually agreed upon. However, there's usually a "studio crawl" during a residency where everyone visits everyone else's studio to see what's up, or to hear a reading or see a brief performance. There's also limited internet access--wifi is available at the Rock House where we have meals but not in our studios. Cell phone service is non-existent. Phones in the studios are only for local calls for emergency purposes.

And, finally... the interaction with other artists is stimulating. For instance, during this residency there are four writers, one sculptor/installation artist, a videographer, and me... who's here to paint but who weaves tapestry as her primary medium. We're from Dahlonega, GA (me); Atlanta (two people); Bloomington, ID; Middletown, CT; and Lexington, KY. We interact at dinner with discussions that range from what one's reading to what one saw on the morning walk.

So... almost dinner time and time for the interaction and a chance to connect to the wifi to post this blog entry! Today I wove my day's bit on the tapestry calendar, warped a small frame loom and began weaving, got videotaped at one point doing the weaving, put up three canvas pieces and also three 24" x 36" paper sheets, drove to the hardware in Dillard for a few supplies, had a 30 minute walk, had lunch, read and wrote in my journal... and here's what I painted today:

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  1. glad you are back in that lovely spot. I clicked on your picture thinking it would come up larger, but picasa does not want to share without permission from you. Looks lovely though.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sue.
    Since I'm not downloading photos in the same way it goes to Picasa... will make some adjustments in future posts!

  3. It sounds like a fantastic place Tommye! I could use some time like that without electronic influence with a nice loom and some sunlight. Enjoy!