Thursday, July 21, 2011

An assortment of thoughts on the 21st of July

The 20th of July was a long day with view of the interstate ahead, for the most part. Although we didn't see a rainstorm approaching yesterday as on this day a few years back when we were driving to Tallahasee, Florida.

Over the years I've frequently drawn and photographed while riding in a car on the way somewhere. And a few if those images became the starting point for tapestries. The one above, called Rainstorm on the Road to Tallahasee, was included in one of the American Tapestry Biennial exhibits--ATB 5 maybe? Another one that I don't have a photo of handy was in the small format tapestry exhibit last year in Santa Fe--I don't own either of these anymore--or any of the other road images since all have sold.

Here's a photo taken on the road yesterday with a little manipulation with a couple of apps on my iPad:

Now-- for today, I'd call these photos "hotel weaving 101" -- or maybe "travel tapestry 101"-- or maybe "traveling tapestry tutorial" (the thee Ts for getting one's fix while on the road).

This is the tapestry diary for July and since we're traveling for a couple of days it's along for the ride. So here I am in a hotel near I-4 in Orlando, Fl drinking strong coffee made with a couple packs of Starbucks Via and getting ready for the day's adventures in art viewing. We're going to visit the Mennello Museum, the Morse Museum, and then drive to Jacksonville to the Contemporary for a talk tonight. And just faintly I hear Willie Nelson in my mind singing "On the road again..."


  1. We will be on the road for a bit more than a week, starting tomorrow. I am debating what to put in my travel art bag: watercolors for sketching, oils and small canvases? I did not consider a small loom (though I have a number of them). I guess a bag of thrums would not take up anymore space than my outdoor easel full of oil paints. Hmmmm. Now I have another possibility to throw into the mix!

  2. good travels. Enjoy all that art. Looks like with that heat thing beginning to move our way that you might be in one of the cooler parts of the country.

  3. Oh, I forgot to say how much I like the tapestry! Now that I am done obsessing over cows, I have been obsessing (as in taking LOTS of pictures) over clouds. We have had the biggest monsoon season this year that I ever remember. Amazing clouds, so I'm thrilled to see how beautifully they can be woven!