Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Mexico-ATA report coming soon...

I arrived home late on Thursday and have been busy, busy since.  I still haven't gotten studio things unpacked and organized.  At least the two boxes I shipped from New Mexico have arrived.  In fact, the one I sent from the Convention Center in Albuquerque with a few yarn purchases contained got here to Dahlonega before I did.  And the box I sent from St. John's College in Santa Fe on Wednesday arrived on Friday!

The American Tapestry Alliance events were fantastic.  During those I was able to meet many people face-to-face who I've known through e-mail conversations for some time.  And I had a chance to reconnect with others who I get to see only once every two years or so.  The retreat at Saint John's College in Santa Fe was spectacular and I want to write more about it when I have time.  At least I've downloaded my photographs from the trip to my laptop.  On the last day of the retreat my camera just gave up... the message in the viewer said "Battery is exhausted" and I thought, "I am, too!"  So, no photos of the work we did in James Koehler's class, just a few overviews of the room.  The trip was spectacular in many ways and I really enjoyed it.  Photos to come soon... maybe!

Right now I'm busily getting ready for my Penland teaching gig that's fast approaching.  It begins on August 15 and run for two weeks.  I'm eager to have a bit of time at Penland again; I've gotten so much from that school through the years.  I was first at Penland in 1974 or '75 and I met Edwina Bringle then.  She was the instructor for the weaving class and I still consider her a mentor in many ways.  I also spent a wonderful time for eight weeks at Penland in 2001 during Spring Concentration when Archie Brennan and Susan Maffei were teaching.  I've been back for assorted other classes, meetings, and for another teaching time.  Penland is a special place for many,  and I know that my students and I will have a grand time together in a few days.

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