Friday, April 9, 2010

kudzu grows again in the studio...

After many days away from the kudzu tapestry I've been able to weave quite a bit this week.  I've moved through the transition point where I cut off the cartoon to do some modifications to the design and am glad about that.  I've still got to watch the vines carefully to make sure they will seem to be where they ought to be after wiggling and weaving over each other.  But now that I'm back at the loom consistently for several hours a day that should work out OK.  My plan is to weave as much as I can this weekend and the first of next week.  After that I'll have some other tasks to work on and then will again be out of town for a long weekend to attend the annual meeting of Southern Highland Craft Guild.

I'll also be delivering works for a joint show my friend and fellow Guild member, Diane Getty, and I are having in the Focus Gallery at the Folk Art Center in Asheville.   That's to be up from April 24 through June 15.  The title we've given the show is "Shared Vision: Nature in Textiles" and it will feature work both in fabric collage (Diane's pieces) and tapestry (mine).  We've both used nature themes for many years and I think it will be interesting to see the pieces hanging together.   I'll also be at the Folk Art Center to demonstrate tapestry during the May Fiber Days weekend... more about that later.

So... here's the kudzu tapestry at the end of the day:


  1. i've just been flicking back and forth between this post and the last one about the kudzu and it looks as if it has grown quite a lot. Maybe it had a life of it's own while you were out? cheers, |<.

  2. Kind of like the shoemaker's elves, a weaver's elf to weave along when the weaver's gone!

  3. Oh! I'll be heading through Asheville a few times during that time! I'll look forward to seeing the exhibit!

  4. i'd like a good studio elf to clean up after the bad one makes a mess in there. |<.