Thursday, April 1, 2010

John C. Campbell Folk School Tapestry Class Continues...

This is such a great group of people who've come together at Brasstown for the class. They're compatible with each other (as well as with me & Lena Grace) and all want to push themselves a bit--always good for a learning situation.

Jackie develops her design to continue the initial sampling area...

and her charming landscape full of color began to grow.

Jeanne also chose to develop a planned design based on the sampling and to continue to build a long weaving.

Karen decided to celebrate her experiences at the Folk School with a small tapestry of the landscape she sees daily.

Lisa concentrates on making her design concept work with the sett of 8 epi...

and then she makes some initial color decisions...


  1. Good students reflect a good teacher! Your students are doing outstanding work!

  2. This brings back memories! SO neat to see everyon'e different way of approaching the process.

  3. your photos are so clear i feel as tho i'm almost there, even tho i haven't left Australia. |<.