Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Folk School blog post

More from the Folk School... our tapestry class was noted in today's Folk School blog post... here's the link.

I'm still intending to upload many more photos from the week.  Trouble is that I have too many to easily upload to an online album.  I'm going to have to do some editing--hard to do!

Kudzu is growing again the the studio, though.  Maybe I should post a photo of that as proof--only I don't know where my camera is right now.  Tomorrow, I'll surely find it tomorrow!


  1. Someone needs to develop a... thing that you can press a button on that corresponds to what you've lost, be it keys, cell phone, camera, eye glasses. I even have a phone to use to call my main phone, because I lose it so often!

  2. can you upload the photos to Flickr? it would be good to see them all. |<.

  3. Kaite,
    That's what I'm aiming for... so far, Flickr tells me I've got too many images so I've got to find time to delete quite a few before creating the album. I'm hoping to do it before the weekend.