Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Four--is it really almost over?!

Oh, my goodness… what a great class this is! Every one of the eleven in the JCFS class is taking her tapestry in a different direction—and each one is beautiful in its own way. I’m so happy that the week has progressed as it has with everyone moving the basic techniques I’ve introduced into a tapestry with design of their own choosing. I really hope the basic few skills and principles they’re being introduced to here at the Folk School will “take” for them in the future if they want to continue with tapestry.

I’m sharing with them a few of the things about tapestry that I’ve learned from teachers I've had through the past years, with Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei as principal among those. I’ve gained so much knowledge from many sources through the past twenty-two years I’ve been weaving tapestry, and Archie and Susan have made the biggest impact in my tapestry life. I think of what I’ve learned from them every day that I weave tapestry—and this is not an exaggeration. I come to a decision place and I think, “What would Archie do?” or “How would Susan say this should be done… ” These two people have been the main influence in my tapestry making and I hope I adequately express that when I teach workshops. All I share comes from others--thank you to all of my teachers—I hope I can pass on just a bit of what you’ve so graciously given me.

Here are a few photos from today--the fourth day of class as concentration ruled the day in the room...

... mid-day a demo for warping in a continuous way took some Karen and Lena give it a go.

My husband sent a beautiful box of chocolates along with me to share with students and I thought April 1 would be the best time to offer them up!
Jackie is totally into her weaving at this point and she's creating a wonderfully whimsical landscape, complete with apple tree.

Lena Grace and Penny talk about Penny's weaving.

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  1. thankyou for sharing this workshop, i've enjoyed it every day, from afar. I can see that Jackie will be a dedicated weaver, such concentration, nothing is going to disturb her!
    btw - if you come to Australia anytime please let me know. |<.