Tuesday, February 9, 2010

kudzu and other distractions...

Yesterday's progress .... not too much but today this is where the kudzu grew to... again, not too much but some:  

I rolled up by a few inches and tackled the large leaf at the right.  There are quite a few more inches in that but tomorrow I'll be working on the left side to fill in the triangular shaped part that contains another vine.  And I'll be trying to keep my hands off my new loom--another previously owned loom but this one is something I've been wanting for a couple of years--a multi-shaft loom.  

This is an AVL Workshop Dobby loom, 16" wide, with 24 shafts and a compu-dobby attachment.  I've had WeaveMaker software for awhile and have been wanting to again weave in multi-shaft structures.  I certainly am NOT giving up tapestry, rather I see this as a new direction that, I hope, will enhance all the work I do.

So... here's the new entity in the studio--sampling underway to see how the loom works.  Next week I plan to warp it up and begin learning about using Photoshop for designing liftplans, using Alice Schlein's new book, The Liftplan Connection , as a tutorial.

p.s.  Yes, I know the top of the beater looks funny.  We neglected to get that little piece of wood out of the car when the nice person from whom I got the loom delivered it on Monday.  I couldn't stand not trying it out that very day so rigged up a solution to hold the reed in place temporarily.


  1. Tommye, you are just having too much fun!! How exciting to be able to learn new things. I wouldn't know where to start, but will enjoy sharing your adventure. The kudzu is looking great.

  2. How fun is that! Looks like a great multishaft loom.
    I'm having my share of frustration just getting around a new weaving software program let alone worrying about one that works with 32 shafts!
    The daily tapestry is looking beautiful as is the kudzu.
    Happy weaving everywhere.

  3. New toys are always a good thing! I'll enjoy seeing what you create with it!