Friday, February 5, 2010

and a kudzu leaf grows larger...

Today has been a rainy day following a rainy night in Georgia--can't complain, though, since we're not having snow or ice like friends further north are having right now.  I was able to get more of the large kudzu leaf shape woven on the right side and I'll continue at the left tomorrow to get up to the next vine that's intertwining with the one coming up from the left edge in the middle ground.  That one is going to emerge to the top and sweep across to the front in a few inches.


  1. The vines are so monumental. It's an interesting trick of scale.

  2. Thanks, Alice... when I'd first thought of weaving about kudzu a few years ago the idea of scale was one thing I wanted to shift, increasing size to emphasize the overwhelming nature of the plant when its out of control (as you know it most often is here in the South!)