Sunday, April 8, 2007

Beginning tapestry class at John C. Campbell Folk School, April 1-6

Great group came together this week!

Looms and supplies set up before students arrived. I provided copper pipe looms, warp wound into balls, 5 Swedish bobbins, 2 larger Gobelin style bobbins, and a bound booklet of information and instructions that I'd put together. I also took Vevgarn and brass tipped bobbins that they could use (they paid me for Vevgarn after weighing finished sampler).

Fredda had an innovation with spring clips for warping.

Fredda and Barbara are cutting copper pipe to make their own looms.

Let's meet and separate!

Hard at work about day one.

Still hard at work, about day four!

Audrey's tapestry on the loom, nearing completion...

Neville, my assistant, working on her

Ruth Ann's piece underway...

Karen, with her finished tapestry. She's going to turn this into a bag.

Laura shows her finished piece--just cut off of the loom!

Weavers for the week...

Display on the last afternoon.