Sunday, December 13, 2020

Planning for 2021


Yes, planning for next year is a positive way to end this horrible year, I guess. I have a few things in the works to look forward to and hope will be able to take place. It's an understatement to say that everyone is getting fatigued with stress and anxiety about when--or even whether--this pandemic will begin to ease up. That's not even taking into account the people who've gotten the virus, some being extremely ill and many others dying. The toll it's taken on families and communities is impossible to understand yet. I'll surely be in line for vaccination as soon as I'm eligible. And that probably won't happen anytime soon. So I'll continue to use safe practices including wearing masks when out, in fact, not going out very much, washing my hands frequently, and trying to not be part of the problem. 

 So... now some positive planning thoughts! Here's a new item based on my book, The Nature of Things: Essays of a Tapestry Weaver. The University of North Georgia Press has used images from the book to create a planner for 2021. It's just now been release by the press and is available at several booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I haven't seen the planner yet but here's a screen shot from the Barnes & Noble listing:

For the book, I was recently interviewed by Ariana Adams, an intern with the University of North Georgia Press via zoom. The transcript of the interview is now posted at the UNG Press website at this link

One of the goals I've had for 2020 was to complete a "major" tapestry. I've woven several small tapestries in this year and worked long and hard on a larger one that I'd started in late December of 2019. I finally cut that one off the loom in its unfinished state a couple of months ago because I just didn't have the heart to continue it. It had gotten its start during some troubling times and continued as the pandemic began it's deadly march around the world. After struggling to find the desire to keep on with the piece but neglecting to work on it for weeks on end I made the decision to take the scissors to the warp and release it from its (and my) misery. I might eventually mount the piece in some way as a record of one more 2020 disaster--but maybe not. Right now it's hanging in my studio as a reminder of what wasn't to be.

After looking at the empty warp ends hanging down on the loom for several weeks I decided to retie them and start another piece. The width of the warp is 24" and I knew there was enough length remaining to weave something about 36" high. One of the small designs I've had around for a few years was what I selected for the cartoon. After blowing the image up to the size needed I started the tapestry using wool from natural dyes, some of the remaining skeins from the earlier workshop at the Folk School in October. I dyed several more skeins to be sure there would be enough of the yellows and golden colors needed and got underway with the tapestry in early November.

There have been a few things taking me away for several days since beginning the tapestry but it looks like I'll actually be able to finish it THIS year! And maybe even in a couple of days.  Here are a two  photos of the piece in progress. First, one from a few days ago and the last one taken as I left the studio yesterday. I'll post the completed tapestry sometime soon.

Happy planning for a better 2021 to one and all!



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