Saturday, October 15, 2016

This and That

Well, fall is definitely underway here in north Georgia!  Cool mornings and warm afternoons abound.  It's too dry, though.  We're needing rain but none seems to be in the forecast except for maybe a few showers later today.  Fall colors may not hold the usual brilliance because of the dry conditions... a few more weeks will tell the color tale, though.

We picked up my tapestries from the Piedmont College exhibit on Thursday.  Everything is temporarily stored in our dining room.  I'm still trying to find a venue for an exhibit of my work during 2017 or 2018 but so far nothing has come up.  However, I do have tapestries to be included in several shows, either now or coming soon.

Currently a couple of my tapestries are in the Blue Ridge Fiber Show, NC Arboretum, and a collaborative piece I did with Diane Getty is at the Southern Highland Craft Guild members' exhibit at the Folk Art Center--both in Asheville, NC.  I also have a small tapestry being shown at the Australian National University along with the work of artists from Australia,  UK, and USA.  The thirty tapestries in the exhibit, Elements: earth, fire, air, water, will travel to each of the three countries over the next year and a half.

During November and December will be Time Warp--and Weft, an exhibit of woven works by several of us who do time-passage weavings: Jan Austin, Geri Forkner, Janette Meetze, Kathy Spoering, and me.  The exhibit is at NOTO Arts Center, Topeka, KS and is up during the same time that ATB11 is on exhibit at the Mulvane Art Museum, in Topeka. We'll be exhibiting our time works together again in 2017 at Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA.

Getting art work out and into exhibits is a challenge!  Yet, it's something that most of us who make work want to do, whether the works are for sale or not.  Sharing about one's creative process is important to most everyone who makes art, I think.  Having an idea and bringing it into a visual reality through whatever means one uses goes to another level when others see it and engage with it.

Sharing about process is something I want to do, whether it's through exhibiting my work or teaching.  I also occasionally share through writing.  I mentioned a few posts back that I have an article in the Summer issue of Surface Design Journal.  Here are a few photos from the issue:

The article was about the value of artist residency times.  Here's the pdf of the article.

I've written quite a lot in my blog before about how important times away are to my art making process.  Right now, I'm beginning to work on ideas for the next large tapestry and I'll be spending some time at Lillian Smith Center soon to concentrate on that goal.  In the meantime, the October tapestry diary grows daily... here's where it's gotten to today, October 15:

More from Lillian Smith Center later!

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