Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reception for exhibit tonight--and article just published

There will be a reception at 5:30 this afternoon for my small exhibit.  All the ducks are in a row for it... well, almost.  At least the rains have passed and it's a beautiful day. 

Coincidentally, an article I'd written for the British Tapestry Group's publication, Tapestry Weaver, was in the mailbox a couple of days ago.  In the article I'd discussed the designing process for the pieces that are in the exhibit and how important artist retreat experiences have been to my work.  Here's a scan of the article:

I've written before about how I value the times I've been able to spend in a residency.  I've had many stays at Hambidge Center and also at Lillian E. Smith Center.  Both are located in the beautiful north Georgia mountains that I dearly love.  I've applied to other residencies in quite different geographical locations, unsuccessfully so far--but I'll keep looking.  One of the things I'd like very much to do is find a residency situation in a large city.  NYC would be my dream place to go for an extended time to work in a totally different environment.  Chicago wouldn't be too bad, either!  An urban environment is so alien to my day-to-day life.  Sounds, smells, shapes--all would be totally different.  So would access to museums and galleries; days spent looking at art works without having to rush.  Keep looking and dreaming, I guess.  And applying when something comes up.

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