Sunday, November 1, 2015

Finished and ready to show

I completed the tapestry today with a warp finishing technique that Peter Collingwood calls "woven edge" and that's found in his book, The Techniques of Rug Weaving.  The book is my go-to for finishing methods for weft-faced weaving--as well as many other things, including soumak.  Here's a link to the section of the book in which the edge treatment is found in the online digital archives of weaving publications.  The woven edge description begins on page 497.

The tapestry is 29" high x 19.25" wide, with a linen warp sett at 8 epi.  The weft is wool and linen.  It will be shown with the painting on which it was based, and several other paintings made while I was at Lillian Smith Center in early September, in a small exhibit at the gallery in Hansford Hall at the University of North Georgia.  A reception will be on November 19 at 6:30 p.m. 

Tomorrow I hope to start on the next piece.  Maybe!


  1. Exquisite work, Tommye. I love the border and the textures you achieved in the background. I spent a nice time getting up close with this one. I am enrolled in Rebecca Mezoff,s online ,Three in one course and enjoying it immensely. The tapestry community is blessed to have people like you and Rebecca who are so generous with us learners

  2. Lovely piece, Tommye. I am enjoying the relationship of the organic center with the geometric surround.

  3. Thank you Tommye for reminding me of that wonderful book! Your tapestry is just beautiful! Not only do you capture nature, I feel you let me glimpse it's soul, thank you!
    I 'm excited for your exhibit with the paintings and tapestry! How wonderful to see them together.
    I think the finish you choose for this tapestry is so clean and smooth, I imagine you took the header out but had the half hitch thread going around each warp end as a warp protector before the heading?
    Love your work, Tommye!

  4. Cathie,
    Yes, that's exactly what I did for the ends. I almost always use a half-hitch as I begin and then as I end tapestry even if I'm doing another finishing method. Having the security of the half-hitch to hold the weft in is something I don't want to do without!

  5. Sue and Alice,
    Thanks so much for your comments. Sue, I know you're loving Rebecca's course. She's such a wonderful artist and a generous teacher.