Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heavenly Light

Heavenly light is what my friend, Diane, calls the beautiful effect of atmosphere combined with the sunlight.  This was at my back this morning... didn't realize it until I thought to turn around for some reason.  Maybe it was the music of the spheres I was hearing.  Whatever it was, I'm so glad I did look behind me.

So I guess that sometimes it's good to look at what's behind you, even as you move ahead.

And moving ahead... more reading, note-taking and weaving yesterday--

Maybe it's a sign of a disorganized mind to be reading several books at once.  But that's the way I approach gathering information.  I read some pages in one book, think about what the author is saying, then read a bit in another book... on and on it goes until I feel I have a bit of understanding.

Yesterday's weaving was an example of contrast of cool-warm and effect on background difference on the same color:

Isn't it amazing that the same red-violet appears different when woven in a background of red-orange or blue-violet?

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