Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Class prep heats up!

My upcoming workshop at Peters Valley is just around the corner.  Although the class size is still small it's confirmed and now the work begins.  The title of the class is "For the Love of Color" and I'm doing new examples to add to my samples of assorted color explorations.  I wrote a bit about that at my Tapestry Share blog a couple of weeks ago.

Today I started pulling out the yarns I'm going to work with in the new samples:

I'll be leaving for Lillian Smith Center on Saturday for a few days of residency and the color work will occupy my time while I'm there.

The other day I opened my mailbox and found the latest issue of VÄV, the Scandinavian weaving magazine.  I'd been asked to have my blog noted in an issue--and here it was!  I was thrilled to have it mentioned along with a few others from different countries.

The stones grow slowly but surely.  I've rolled the warp forward again and am above the 1/3 point now.  Even a little bit woven each day moves the piece along.  Maybe the weaving fairies will come in and help out while I'm gone...

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  1. The class sound exciting Tommye! I would like to acquire some weaving fairies, do you have any to spare?