Thursday, November 7, 2013

More green yarn came today!

Hooray!  The mailbox held these three skeins of Vevgarn today.  I'd sent Noel at Norsk Fjord Fiber a frantic email a few days ago to order more of this particular green.  The remains of what I had on hand are in the tiny ball beside the skeins and in the couple of butterflies in which it's combined with a dark brown.  Now that I have everything I'll need for the rest of the tapestry (she thinks), I'm happy.

Here's where the piece has gotten to by this afternoon:

I can't get a shot of the whole piece without having it at an angle because of where the loom is placed in the room.  Here's a bit of a detail so that the color change in the background can be seen more:

By the way... all those blips of white are my stitching-on threads that hold the cartoon in place.  They will be snipped out when they're no longer needed.

I hope I can spend most of the day on the tapestry tomorrow.  This week has held assorted tasks that needed to be done outside the studio so I've only been able to weave, at most, a couple of hours each day.  But with tapestry, any few minutes spent putting weft into warp ultimately makes a difference!

On another note, I just learned of the new American Tapestry Alliance online publication called ATA CODA.  It's a digest of several articles and images from the past year's Tapestry Topics, the ATA journal available only to members.  It holds several thoughtful articles about current tapestry practice throughout the world.  And--I was quite happy to find one of my tapestries shown among those in the gallery section.  

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  1. Green, green, on the far side of the hill. Talk about just in time marketing!!!