Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fiddlehead tapestry grows slowly but surely

I've worked consistently on the new tapestry throughout this week.  Here's were I'm leaving it today:

So far the contrast isn't great--the dark rust of the background and the dark, dull greens of the ferns and the bottoms of fiddleheads are close.  Squint your eyes to look at it and the tone blends together.  That's what I want at the bottom, but as I move up into the piece, the background will lighten and the contrast between it and the plants will be stronger.

Earlier today I blocked a small sample of a portion of the design I'd woven in the spring at Hambidge Center. I'm going to enter it in the ATA small format show since it's within the size limits.  

I find working on the fiddleheads of the tapestry particularly poignant right now.  This week,  a young man who grew up in this community died suddenly--he was only 26 years old.  His was a gifted musician, admired and loved by all.  Zak McConnell was a founder of The Fiddleheads, a group of contemporary bluegrass musicians.  They became more widely know when they were finalists on a TV show, America's Got Talent, a few years ago.  Here's more about The Fiddleheads at their website

For his family and friends his passing is tremendously hard.  


  1. Once again, we are on the 'same page,' beginning new tapestries at the same time! I got about 2" woven this week. It will be an encouragement to me to watch yours grow as I weave mine!

  2. I know, isn't it funny how that seems to happen over and over again! Yes, I'll also be encouraged to keep beating away at mine as I watch yours grow!