Friday, June 22, 2012

Packing the car now...

... and quite a job it is!  I'm leaving tomorrow but wanted to load up the car today with as much as I can.  I'm leaving heat-sensitive things out right now and will put those last few things in tomorrow as I leave.

Here's the yarn suitcase, jammed full of 20/2 wool cones (bottom of the layers) and Vevgarn balls.  Yes, I was able to get it closed but had to practically sit on it to do so.  No, we won't be using that much yarn in a week-long class--there's enough in the suitcase to make several goodly sized tapestries.  But we'll have quite a few color choice from my stash.  The two small plastic bins on the table have lots of colors of embroidery floss, too.

These are a few of the things waiting until tomorrow for their place in the car... if there will be a place!

Oh, also got a suitcase of clothes to stick in there somewhere ... front seat is empty right now.

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