Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Arrowmont prep stack grows taller--and wider

Today was filled with more preparation for the Arrowmont class.  Here's just a bit of what I did today-finished a handout and had it printed; worked on a Powerpoint of tapestry diary works (mine and others); got loom boxes out of storage and placed by the door (Archie Brennan style pipe looms); selected a few books and other publications to take; chose warp tubes of different sizes of seine twine and put those in a bin; packaged bobbins for students to borrow; met up with John Moss so he could deliver a few of his new brass-tipped bobbins for students to purchase, if they want to... let's see, I also had a morning walk, breakfast, wove my tapestry diary bit for the day, photographed that for the Powerpoint presentation, had lunch, had a snack while I reviewed my handout... and now I'm ready to go home and watch Jeopardy!  

More to do tomorrow--most importantly, getting the yarns out and packed in the black suitcase that's sitting there waiting for it!  Then I'll be ready to head out on this new adventure in teaching.


  1. Good luck! I am getting ready for a 6-hr. Convergence Seminar, too, but won't need to take as much as you're taking this time. Teaching is a lot of work, I know, and I know from the effort you always put into it that you have very lucky students!

  2. Thanks, Kathy! Good luck with your Convergence seminar, too. I'm looking forward to seeing you and all the others who I only see once in a blue moon in California soon.