Monday, March 5, 2012

Workshop woes

Yes, one more injury to document here at the blog! Becoming an annual event, it seems. At least this time around my injury wasn't as bad as last year's when my hand was impaled--my right hand, at that. This time, the left hand took the fall; I mean that quite literally. I fell and put out my hands to break the fall (so this time around I didn't fall on my head like I did when at Hambidge a couple of years back!)

OK... so, how did I fall? Well, by being inattentive. Isn't that always my excuse for these injuries? At least, I think I've heard myself say that before. On Saturday during the lunch break at the workshop I thought I'd walk around in the River Arts District to get some air. It was bright, windy and cold. So I strolled up Depot Street for about a block, then crossed the street to walk back. On the way, I saw an interesting store window in which a dog was looking out. I looked over to smile at the dog and didn't see the uneven sidewalk that my toe ran into quite hard. And I went tumbling. As I fell, my phone flew out of my pocket and landed several feet in front of me, my glasses came mostly off my face--hung up at one ear, and my knees and hands took the brunt. My left hand has cuts from the sidewalk and my wedding ring cut into my finger and was bent by the impact. My right knee has an abrasion and my left knee is bruised. Although shaken up, my ego was pretty much intact although a bit sheepish. The dog in the window? He just continued to look out but this time he seemed to have a WTF thought balloon over his head.

Back in the studio, I asked Pat if there was a first aid kit; she had antiseptic lotion and bandaids so I washed out the cuts and put that on. Trish had some rubber gloves and she gave me one so I could cover the hand to be able to continue to work for the rest of the afternoon.

Yesterday morning, I picked up a pair of cotton gloves and more rubber gloves from the nearby CVS, and more bandaids. I was able to work throughout the rest of the workshop without problems with the hand... thank goodness!

I'll write more about the workshop and work done during it later. Got to get on the road home shortly. A friend is coming into town tomorrow for a few days of shared creative time at my studio and I'm looking forward to that. She's on her way to teach at John Campbell Folk School this weekend--driving down from Baltimore to our house, then back north for an hour to get to Brasstown on Friday afternoon.

We're having snow showers right now in Asheville... hope the road home will be clear!

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  1. Oh dear Tommye! Emily just asked me if you need an occupational therapist! :) I hope your bruises heal up quickly. It sounds like an accident that could have happened to anybody.

  2. Oh dear, Tommye! I hope your injuries do not turn out to be bad enough to hamper your weaving. But knowing you, & how you rebounded from your Cujo episode last year, it will take more than this. Heal fast... I want to see where the influence of the Aimone workshop takes you next! How fascinating it was to read about your workshop activities. I would love to experience Aimone's teaching one day. By the way, I don't think the balloon over the dog's head said "WTF?", I think it said "Another one bites the dust!" :D

  3. Tommye-You are so fortunate it wasn't worse. I am so sorry you fell-hope it doesn't keep you from what you love to do! Feel better-soon. Pat S. took a fall a little like yours a couple of weeks ago and broke her shoulder and can't move her arm at all except for 2 fingers.Same thing put her hands down first. She tripped over a yard ornament-railroad tie in the dark walking up to someones house to stay during a workshop.

  4. Rebecca... I'm healing quite fine. The cuts on my palm aren't giving me trouble and my bruised & abraded knee is turning greenish now. Maybe I DO need an occupational therapist "on staff," however!

    Lyn, thanks for your comment... yes, Cujo attack was much, much worse! This is just an annoyance--and reminder to be more mindful. Steve's workshop was just great and I hope you can take one from him someday. Yes... maybe the dog was saying "Another one bites the dust!" after all... perhaps that's how he gets his afternoon entertainment, look charming to lure folks walking by into a false sense of security so they don't see the unevenness... and--there they go! "Arf, Arf!" in doggy laughter to follow!

    Oh Kathe, I'm so very sorry to hear about Pat's fall and and her broken shoulder! I hope she'll be able to recover use of her arm and hand quickly.

  5. That's the trouble I am having with progressive lenses.
    Driving over curbs on the right side.
    sidling up to cars and buildings with but a hair's-breadth to spare.
    And falling - going upstairs, that is!