Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last day at the workshop

Too many things to talk about for today's ending of the Steve Aimone workshop. Only thing I'll say is that it continued to be amazing for everyone who was there.

A few photos from today:

We started out today with an exercise to use three colors and to engage all four edges by first taking one color into the field and let it do whatever it wanted but to exit again at the same edge, the reenter at the next edge and do the same thing. We were to do this with all three colors and then do whatever we wanted. This is my beginning.

Suddenly, a figure seemed to emerge and I then emphasized her/him with color and contrast.

Then, here's how the figure was resolved.

I've been wanting to work with in a figurative way in tapestry for some time now... maybe this figure is showing me how to begin.

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