Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Feather

Today, I'm working at the other end of the warp used for the three feathers that I finished yesterday.  I flipped the loom over and changed position of the open shed rod, and I put clamps at the top of the loom so I could hang the leashes from that.

The warp width is 12" but I'm splitting the warp on this side into several smaller tapestries.  I've gone through my feather drawings and settled on one that was a positive/negative study to start with:

But, I decided to cut the composition in half making an almost counter-change effect.  Here's where I stopped with a few minutes ago.  It's 3" wide and will be about 6" high and I should be able to finish it tomorrow.  Feathers are flying!


  1. Beautiful drawing! Is it in chalk?

  2. Thanks, Kathy... it's white conte on black paper. I like to draw on colored papers--sometimes will paint a quick wash of thinned acrylic over paper to get color down to draw on if I don't have colored papers available.

  3. This sounds like so much fun! :) (Perhaps that is because I'm struggling to finish a tapestry that has been on the loom way too long!) Still, I love the feathers.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca!
    I've got a couple of looms warped with wider pieces that have been sitting way too long, as well. I just am flummoxed (sp?) about design for those warps, though. The cartoon I'd started with on the widest warp (50") went south quickly (yes, since I'm a southerner I can say that and be politicially correct, I think!) and reinforced my understanding that I have to get my design thoughts clear before beginning. I don't have to have a detailed cartoon but I have to believe in what I'm going to do--what I'm going to spend several months on. And that just wasn't there with that cartoon. So... blank warp waiting!