Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moving along with the Tapestry Diary for 2012

January and the first four days of February, 2012

This process of acknowledging and and honoring each day that I live by weaving a bit of tapestry has become more than an addiction for me now--it's a necessity.  I'm now into the fifth year of this habit, if I count my Month of May, 2008, the first time I attempted the daily practice.

Now, what makes something a "necessity?"  A "compulsive power...." says my little paperback Webster's Dictionary.  I find that having a few minutes devoted to weaving a distinct bit, starting it and completing it each day, gives me an immense sense of accomplishment.  Yes, the bit I've woven is perhaps only 2" square, more or less.  But I followed through with what I've intended to do.  One more step in meeting an obligation--even if the obligation is one that I've set for myself.

Some of the qualities I value most in people are these:  honesty, dedication, loyalty, persistence.  I would like to know that I have some of these qualities.  By attending to my tapestry diary each day, at least I exhibit persistence.

Gray, damp, foggy today, the 4th of February.


  1. I love your new tapestry diary format. Excellent comment about the value of the "compulsion." Blogging (another form of journaling) serves the same purpose for me. Knowing that one has just shown up and done the task is a great stimulus to keeping the energy flowing.

  2. This one is very different. I like the soumak numbers. They make it look like a secret code. Especially with the X days. I can imagine someone discovering this generations from now and wondering wht the meaning is, before figuring out that it is a calendar.

  3. Thanks, Alice and Kathy, for your comments. Yes, Alice... showing up is key, insn't it!
    And, Kathy... your comment about secret code is right on the mark. It is sort of a secret code for me. I've had them in the past diaries but they were less obvious. I can't tell at a glance about the climate (emotional or weather-wise) of each day exactly, but certain ones are there--hidden in plain sight, as it were.