Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ready for the exhibit at Quinlan

The car is loaded, inventory sheet is completed, artist statement and bio are done.  I'm delivering the work tomorrow to Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Gainesville, and it will be exhibited there from December 8, 2011 through February 19, 2012.

I've put a lot of effort into the preparation stages for the show--hope it all looks well when hanging!  So here's how it looks right now:

p.s.  the pieces wrapped up  IN the basket are my work... NOT the basket!
I was asked to give a title for the show and I chose "Threads of Time" since my work is often about aspects of the passing of time.  Here's a snippet from my artist statement:

My art work is about time, about seasons of change, and about accumulation of parts.  I do handwoven tapestry, a process that in itself is a time-consuming medium.... Each tapestry is, by its very nature, an accumulation of parts.  The tapestries on exhibit show different approaches to the concepts of time, change, and accumulation.  Several record a daily passing of time....  others ... celebrate the seasonal changes in the natural world. 
By working daily with ... tapestry ... and by looking at, thinking about and designing from the world around me, I am weaving my own threads of time.
I hope some of you can stop by Quinlan in the next couple of months to take a look at my work and that of the others who'll be exhibiting in various galleries there.


  1. Good luck with the exhibit, Tommye. I hope it's a smashing success in every way!!

  2. I love the accumulation of time idea in relation to tapestry. It is such a slow medium, but I like to imagine the time factor as representing something of value building up.

    I also love that feeling of having a show all rolled up and in the car. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, Rebecca.
    Yes... tapestry is nothing if not a collection of one's time! But I wonder if anyone other than tapestry weavers would understand that...???