Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ill, Sick, Puny, Under the Weather, Pitiful...

... yes, all those and more I've been during the past week!  What a bore but I feel better this morning.  My affliction was most likely pollen allergy related and probably triggered when I cleaned pollen off of some outside tables and chairs.  The scratchy throat that resulted the next day turned into several days of achy ear, runny eyes and nose, vile cough, and overall tired and grumpy feeling.  I had a lot to do during the week at the studio so couldn't give in to it;  luckily most of the work involved sitting in one place and stitching back weft ends on tapestries to get them ready to hang and to photograph.  Got that done, photos of the pieces were taken yesterday by a young man who's a fantastic photographer, and then I went home to go to bed!

BUT... today... I feel as bright as this sunflower:

OK... a bit of exaggeration there.  But I DO feel about 85% of my usual self today.  Just in time, too, since the workshop at Sutherland Studio is next weekend and I'm about to begin intensive prep work for that!

Here's Trevor as he did the photos of the pieces.  Can you say deadline?  The ATB9 deadline is coming up on the 31st and the pieces being shot in the session are among those I'll be submitting.  I know, I know--I swore off of entering juried shows.  But here I go again.  All I can do is the work and try to put it out for others to see.  


  1. Me, too, Tommye! Must be the time of year. I got my cold from my grand-daughter. I'm glad you're starting to feel better. And I'm gald you're taking the risk to enter the exhibit, too. Good luck!

  2. Hope you're better, Kathy!
    I really felt like crap all week long but had to keep pushing to get those ends finished off... and did.

    Good luck if you've entered ATB9. I've entered every one, I think... only gotten in two. This time around I submitted the tapestry diary pieces as well as the quilt piece. I fully expect to have rejection for all... but these pieces are what I'm doing right now. I was tempted to resubmit the piece that was rejected the last time around since it's still in the time-frame for entries... but didn't.