Thursday, March 3, 2011

weaving more each day

I'm certainly not back to stamina or speed for weaving as before the accident on the 20th--but I am weaving.  I've woven on the tapestry diary each day except for the day of the event and the day afterward--and for a couple of more days when I was out of town.  I completed February's diary and have begun the one for March on a frame loom.  There's more warp on the loom above February and I'll use it either for another month later in the year or for a small piece unrelated to the diary weaving.

February, 2011

March, 2011 has begun
I've been challenged to work without predetermined plan on something larger than each day's diary bit and I was able to start that yesterday.  I'll be checking in each week for the next month with my challenger to show what I've done during the week and to discuss it.  This is part of an effort to shake myself up and move into other ways of working.  It seems that my concepts and design ideas have been stale for sometime.  Even my trip to West Dean wasn't enough to move my thinking around--although some things from my time there will show up in future work, I know.

No plan... just action... where will this lead?!
I'll see the doctor for a follow-up visit tomorrow and maybe he'll take out stitches.  It will be nice to have my hand out of the gauze mitt and I hope that's on the agenda tomorrow.  Fingers feel good and the strength in my hand is improving every day.

Now... for the more fun stuff!  Thomas and I will be Roasted and Toasted by the Sunrise Rotary Club here in town on St. Patrick's Day as a fund raising event for many of the charities to which the Club donates--all in good fun (I hope!).  The photo was taken by NGCSU art major, Trevor Morris... and, yes, Thomas & I DID look that scary!  He couldn't find his pitchfork and I couldn't find anything other than the bird of paradise apron.  Plus, it was cold as ... (put your own "cold as ...." comment here) when the photo was taken.


  1. Great picture, so glad it to say it does not capture your charm, I have met Thomas and he is not nearly as scary as he looks there...What fun. You two are sports to do this. Love it and so glad to hear that your hand is improving. It is hard to say you are fortunate, but given the possibilities, you are one blessed lady to be able to see the improvement you are seeing. I am sure I am not the first to say that.

  2. Really? Your husband's name is Thomas? Excellent. I love the photo--very funny. Doesn't look like you at all actually. :) I'm glad you're weaving a little again.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your hand is doing better. The poster is a hoot!!!! "Roasted and Toasted"???? That should be fun!

  4. Yes, you two are really scary, although I must say that there is a hint of redemption in the apron and the yellow sweater. Somewhere within those two frozen individuals is a free spirit.
    So glad the hand is getting better.

  5. Love the poster!

    As for the cold, better bring in your brass monkeys tonight.

    Do you know that old Tennessee saying?