Monday, March 28, 2011

spam and the blog

For the first time I've gotten spam comments.  If, for some reason, someone who reads the blog has tried to make a comment in the past two days it's showing up as something that I won't post.  So... sorry about that and you might see if you're e-mail is hacked.  Anyway, even though there's a word recognition requirement to post a comment a couple of things have gotten through.

Now... on to more important things... like getting ready for the class I'm teaching next week at Arrowmont during the Southeast Fiber Forum.  Like getting my first large tapestry in almost a year under way.  Like getting a second tapestry underway on another loom.  Like teaching the last of the sessions at NGCSU.
Pictures of all of the above will follow eventually.

And, lastly... had the final physical therapy visit today and I am on my own with my hand now!  I've been using it well for several days and the last stints in the studio where I've worked with my hand almost as long as I normally did before are showing me that the accident shouldn't hinder my progress further.  Hooray for that!


  1. love that you are getting back to your routine...

  2. glad all is better with your hand and you are back....

  3. So glad your hand is healed, and doing so well! That must be quite a relief!

  4. Tommye, you are your own best friend in regards to giving yourself a helping hand!... I know that PT specialists deserve their due, but I am convinced that the way you jumped right back into using your hand as much as you could played a major role in your recovery. As horrible as it was (& looked) it's amazing how fast you've healed!

    Now all you need to do is sign "Cujo" up for obedience classes!