Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More photos of the 2010 tapestry diary

Although I have quite a bit of finishing yet to do on this piece I decided to hang it up temporarily to see how the empty spaces will work with the woven bits.  Warps at both ends are still simply long and loose although I temporarily knotted the bottom to keep them off the floor.

Most of the cut ends at the top are visible in the six weeks of empty warps from my West Dean time... those are the vertical meandering lines behind the more orderly rows of blank warps.  I quite like the shadow cast by the open warps and that gives me thoughts about how to hang the tapestry.  I'll probably select about a 1/2" thick hanging bar, attach velcro to it and to the back of the tapestry, so that the piece will be able to be placed even further from the wall when completed.

I haven't exhibited any of the tapestry diary pieces (Month of May 2008; Month of July 2010; and the year of 2009) but I'm considering doing so soon.  The statement about the concept of the pieces will be included whenever I do exhibit them because I think that's quite important to the tapestries.

 The three empty rows near the bottom of the photo are showing my residency at Lillian Smith Center in June and July.  The next row of empties would be my trip to Convergence and ATA retreat in New Mexico.  Two weeks spent while teaching at Penland later in the summer are represented by the next larger area of unwoven warps.  I've been away so much during 2010 that I'll have to refer to my calendar to see just where I was for many of the blanks!


  1. Thank you for the photo of the total tapestry. I've seen the previous pictures of the different sections, but seeing the total piece is very impressive!!!

  2. I really like the open areas, it is fabulous that you were doing such 'weaverly' things and that you will put that information with the piece when you exhibit.

  3. Tommye,
    Your idea of exhibiting the diaries is exciting! Aren't there other weavers doing this also who might participate... Jan Austen, for one, & other weavers who don't blog, but have been weaving diaries (I'm quite sure Janie is) inspired by yours? Could the exhibit be in a physical location & also exist as an online exhibit via ATA's website? I think it would be a powerfully tangible message regarding time & what we do with it as individuals, which seems to have less & less meaning as our world becomes more electronic. "Electronic" as in all this technology we have which should give us more time, but which in reality steals it away from us (like this computer I need to get off of NOW!). Food for thought...

  4. I love how this diary is a physical description of the year....there is a pattern to your comings and goings! The open areas look really that linen warp?

  5. Hi All...
    Thanks for the comments and thoughts. Yes, Lyn, I've hoped to exhibit with others who are doing similar things. Jan is one who has been doing the diary since last year and I love hers!
    I've just learned about someone else today, too... and had no idea she'd been working on a weaving daily; got to get in touch with her. She's not a tapestry weaver but does quite a bit of mixing of media with her work
    Jan, yes, a linen warp and I don't know if I'd have left empty warps of cotton seine twine or not because of the color. I love the color of linen. Nice thought about it being a physical description of the year... hadn't considered that but it is indeed that. I don't see the empty warps as empty days, by any means, but they are times away from home, family, studio... mostly all good times away but all the same, I love home, family, studio and like to be here!

  6. It is just so beautiful! I love it!