Tuesday, November 16, 2010

West Dean again

Of course, any post I make right now will be West Dean, won't it?

Today dawned bright but very frosty.  The sheep didn't seem to mind munching on icy grass, though.  Perhaps a bit of sorbet for breakfast for them?

Walking to the studio this morning was wonderful... no rain to slog through.  Cold but when wrapped enough enough that doesn't matter so much...

There were wonderful views of ice crystals on leaves and branches throughout the garden on the way to the tapestry studio:

Diana and I walked through the grounds a bit in the later morning... here's Diana photographing the leaves of a willow tree:

And here's more of what Diana and I saw as we walked:

But, yes... we all got work done, as well!  I finished a value study strip and began weaving the second version of the cartoon from the earlier post.  Diana is well into a piece she's working on; Erica and Magenta were both in the dye room today to do dyeing.  We're all very busy, even through the outside was tempting today.  

Tomorrow begins with aesthetics lecture at 9:30 and going until noon.  Maybe studio time later in the afternoon... am not quite sure about the rest of the schedule yet.


  1. Lovely pictures! The early morning one is especially nice!

  2. Ah, beautiful photos, Tommye! They look so peaceful and pastoral. Especially the one of the sheep.

  3. Gorgeous day, and what a sky!!! I'm so glad you are sharing this with all of us!

  4. the views and landscapes are beautiful, you always take such good photos. the values piece is a valuable study. k.