Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Third week at West Dean--Thanksgiving tomorrow

I haven't posted in a few days because the time is flying by with many things to do. But it's 8 p.m. and I've decided not to go back to the studio tonight because is so cold!  So I thought I'd spend some time with iPhoto and select a few photos from the past few days to post.

I am away from home for the first Thanksgiving that I can remember and I hope my husband has a great time with friends and family tomorrow. I'll be going to an aesthetics lecture in the morning and then to the studio for the afternoon. Many of the U.S. students are having a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow night but I'm not going to that. The reservations were made by those who were here during the first six weeks before I arrived (although I'm sure I could find a place)--but choosing to come to this six weeks session means I've also chosen not to have a Thanksgiving celebration with my own family & friends. I'm sure the other U.S. students will have a great time together tomorrow night--but I'll have a great time at dinner with everyone else, being very thankful that I'm here at this place and in this time--a once in a life-time experience for me in which to be absorbed.

Last Saturday I rode into a nearby town, Midhurst, with LouLou... here she is as we began the trip. She drove to town with another student from the tapestry & textile art program, Diana; her daughter, Meg who was visiting her for the weekend; Warren (who's in the stringed musical instruments program), and me along.
Here's a shot of Warren, Meg and Diana (who you can just see through the car seat headrest) in the back seat of LouLou's car as we began the trip
We arrived in a short while and LouLou found a place to park right away. We began walking the streets looking in local charity shops and antiques shops, as well as a few other places from which we needed supplies.
I didn't stop here but the pigs in the window were too good to pass without a photograph
Marmaduke's proved to be a wonderful place to wander and wonder. Warren found a great vintage top coat and I think a few other things were bought, as well...

... here are Diana and her daughter, Meg, checking out.
LouLou left us in Midhurst and we continued to shop. We caught the bus back to West Dean in time for lunch.
Later on Saturday I put a warp at one side of one of the large scaffold looms in the studio, then got the leashes on the next day.
I've not yet started weaving on this loom but will probably be ready to do so by tomorrow or Friday. I've been working on more samples in the meantime, along with several other things on the schedule.


  1. What a time! I love the charity shops. Last year I lost a knitting needle on a train in England, and was able to find a replacement for 50p at the Oxfam shop!

  2. it's all rather awe inspiring and thank goodness you're not there on your can celebrate thanksgiving with a few friends.

  3. Have a great time there and I know you are feeling thankful and blessed to be able to have this opportunity.