Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looms for sale -- NOW SOLD

Recently two people have asked if I could help them get out the word that they want to sell their tapestry looms. I usually don't post these kind of requests to my blog but I know both loom types quite well since I own one of each. They're good "work horse" types of looms and excellent tools.

First one is a 45" Tissart tapestry loom and is near Greenville, SC. It's been modified with extra treadle set and with a custom-built device to hold the shed open, if desired. Contact Rickie Wesbrooks at for more information about the loom.

Second one is a 21" Hagen tapestry loom with floor stand. It's in Athens, GA. It's also been modified to use string heddles--don't know if the original shedding device is with the loom but it probably is. Contact Karen Hamrick at for price and other information.
I had e-mails from both Rickie and Karen that both these looms sold right away.  Hope they are happy in their new weavers' homes!
Now--about my life and times--after all, what's this whole blog thing about if not that, huh?!!

The big tapestry is just eency inches from the top. I'll be working on it again on Sunday and still plan to have it finished by my self-imposed deadline of the end of October, God willing and the creek don't rise.

It will be Sunday before I'm weaving again because later today I'm leaving for Sapphire, then tomorrow I'll be going with Noel for my second trip to a Southeast Animal Fiber Fair near Asheville, NC. This year, a good friend of hers, Rita Buchanan, is teaching several spinning classes at SAFF, so on Friday afternoon we're going to meet up with her, take her to dinner, and maybe to a few Asheville locations for sight-seeing. Rita is the author of many books and articles about dyeing, spinning, grass cloth, and gardening; in fact, Interweave Press has published a collection of some of these. In the past few years she's been doing incredible pieces in hooking technique--several of her pieces were exhibited at the Tampa Convergence a couple of summers ago. Her expertise in every area in which she works is absolutely impeccable in design and craftsmanship. I'm hoping she has some things with her for her workshops so I can see more of work, first hand!

I'll have my camera with me and will be immersing myself in the woods at Noel & Patrick's place near Sapphire later today. Rain's predicted for tomorrow so I'm hoping for some fall photo ops today.

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