Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kate Campbell concert -- and more weaving

We went to a fantastic concert at The Crimson Moon last night--Kate Campbell  played to a small house (traffic was blocked on the square so booths could be set up for this weekend's Gold Rush Days so the normal crowd for a concert wasn't in).  We were right up front this time (not behind the post like at Jonathan Byrd's last time there!).  I'm spending today weaving listening to the six CDs of hers that we bought.  Wonderful voice, evocative lyrics, beautiful  music... give her a listen.


  1. thanks for the link to Kate Campbell, I live in the dark and wonder how come I did not know of her. She is wonderful and from Alabama!!

    Your tapestry is looking great

  2. Sue,
    I didn't know her work either--just went on the recommendation of the owner of the Crimson Moon--who's a big fan of hers. Apparently Kate was able to work in a quick concert as a favor.
    I'm starting the second listen through the 6 CDs--even better this time around!
    Thanks for comment abt. tapestry--maybe I'll have it off & with me at Durham.

  3. You are getting so close! So will you be reminded of her music when you see the top of this piece?!?

  4. Of course I'll be reminded of her music! I can still hear Amy Tan reading her book, Teaching Fish to Swim, when I see the last tapestry I did on this loom! And Patrick O'Brian books on tape when I look at a couple of other tapestries.
    Those sounds get interwoven into the tapestry along with the weft yarns. Just as do my thoughts, good AND bad.

  5. woo, wouldn't that be fun to have it at Durham. I was going to project that you would be done with it by then.

    I am really looking forward to Silvia's workshop, It will be a real treat for me to try to absorb some of her wonderful knowledge of color and her freedom of expression.