Thursday, June 11, 2009

this and that

The tapestry is moving along. I've been able to work on it at least an hour each day since I began. Other things have been diversions during the week, however.... these two small weavings that I'm mounting. These were done during the past year, both begun as demonstration pieces and both based on my Hambidge residency work from last October.

I've stretched a natural color handwoven twill cotton fabric over a stretcher strip mounting board, then stitched the tapestry to that at the edges using a curved needle to just nip in one warp over. This holds the tapestry in place against the mounting board and is nearly invisible. This is a mounting method I learned from Susan Maffei; a link to her article about mounting small tapestries is here. I've adapted her method a bit--for instance, I use artist stretcher strips as my frame, then put a foam core layer on the frame, stretch over that a thin layer of quilt batting (cutting out the excess at the corners). Then I stretch the mounting fabric. I've used a number of different fabrics for mounting fabric, often closely matching the tapestry color, especially if I have woven a border. This time I wanted the natural color of the fabric to show the tapestry shape. Also, I've left a very short fringe at the top and bottom of one of the pieces so I wanted a mounting fabric that would blend with those natural colored warps.

There's also a number of other finishing solutions at the ATA article link here. I wrote one of the articles and in it I describe a slightly different way than I'm using now.

I'm also getting ready to go to a workshop next week. At the last minute I decided to call to see if there was any space in a class at the Shakerag workshops in Sewanee, TN. I'm going to be taking the Late Coptic Bookbinding class taught by Shanna Leino. I've had a couple of workshops in book making and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Although I don't need yet one more thing to do, I guess, I'll be able to spend time with a good friend who lives in Sewanee and have a challenging learning experience, as well.

So... off to weave some more and then start thinking about what to pack since I'll leave tomorrow for this next adventure.


  1. Oh Boy, your mounted tapestries look great. I have 2 that are going out to a show soon, and every day "Mount tapestries" is on my To Do you have any advice about how to fold the fabric at the corners? I used to do it like painters, diagonally, which leaves a little triangle on one side, but decided I didn't like the uneven bump....I've tried doing it so the edge of the fabric goes right along the corner but just wondered if there is a trick to make it less lumpy?

  2. Tommye - the piece is looking wonderful - I'm glad you are enjoying it so much. And thanks for the link to the workshop - it's always good to find another school. Enjoy the class!